Environment, Water and Sanitation (EWAS)

seeks to promote better environmental practices, such as Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), sanitation and hygiene promotion.

Child Protection

supported to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the child and family welfare system and Social Welfare Human Resource Gap Analysis


currently implementing a 2 year project on promoting Child Rights Law in Plateau, Benue and Nasarawa North Central Nigeria with funding from the European Union.


Transparency and Accountability:

OCEAN has an ethical obligation to conduct its activities in an accountable and transparent manner. This helps to inspire confidence in our partners and donors.

Team Work

OCEAN encourages team spirit and team work to achieve organizational goals and objectives. This enhances organisational harmony and provides a conducive for engaging communities.


OCEAN conducts its affairs in a timely manner and is committed to delivering on agreed terms and agreements.

Strategic Alliances:

OCEAN values and works through strategic networks and Partnerships this takes form in several ways and can serve multiple purposes such as sharing of resources and improved operational efficiency. This has served to strengthen OCEAN’s staff capacity and the sector in general.

Public Policy and Advocacy Communication:

 Plays a central role in the democratic process by providing a means of public participation and promotion of the common good through its advocacy initiatives. OCEAN works in this area to promote constituent, organisational and sector interests.

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Welcome to OCEAN Advocacy

Welcome to OCEAN Advocacy.


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